The LBIYRA Faye Bennet Award Committee has selected Bridget Green as the recipient of the 2020 Faye Bennet Award

Bridget was one of a group of 5 stellar candidates, making the decision a difficult one. It required us going back to the criteria several times in order to make a final determination. Several qualified candidates more than satisfied the criteria to make them a worthy recipient of the award, but Bridget stood out from the rest for the following reasons.

  1. The sailor must be a member of an LBIYRA club. Satisfied.

  2. The sailor’s accomplishments and results in both local and national events over the years will be considered. Bridget’s sailing history is vast taking her beyond her LBI home club to national and international regattas. Her accomplishments and winning record as skipper placed her in the top position in this category.

  3. In recognition of Faye Bennet’s commitment to the national organization, participation in USSailing events is strongly encouraged, though not required. Satisfied

  4. The sailor should demonstrate enthusiasm for sailing as well as exemplary sportsmanship. Bridget’s enthusiasm for the sport is obvious through how she chooses to spend her time and energy. Her association with several sailing related non-profit organizations that increased access to sailing for underprivileged youths and her work on other youth sailing committees is impressive. Bridget has also been a hands-on volunteer teacher in her home club and beyond. The fact that she served as Junior Vice Commodore after serving previously as Commodore, showed us that she did not take on these positions in order to “add another line to her resume”, but because of her desire to serve her home club Junior Sailing program and her love of the sailing community.

For these reasons, the LBIYRA Faye Bennet Award Committee is pleased to present Bridget Green with the 2020 Faye Bennet award.

Faye would be so proud.