Rules and Regs
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1. Jurisdiction  
The LBIYRA Junior Interclub Series and the LBIYRA Championship Race Week shall be sailed under the jurisdiction of the LBIYRA.
2. Rules
The races shall be governed by The Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS), the prescriptions of the U.S. Sailing Association, these LBIYRA Regulations, and any applicable Class rules. Class membership is not required.
3. Venue

A. Weekly Interclubs
The LBIYRA Junior Interclubs shall be sailed on Wednesdays, on a rotating basis, at each of the member clubs: Barnegat Light Y.C., Brant Beach Y.C., Brigantine Y.C., Haven Beach Club, Little Egg Harbor Y.C., Spray Beach Y.C. and Surf City Y.C. The club that hosts the annual LBIYRA Race Week shall not be required to host a “regular” interclub during that season. The final schedule shall be approved by the LBIYRA.
B. LBIYRA Championship Race Week
The LBIYRA Race Week rotates annually between all member clubs, except Brigantine Y.C. Junior events are generally held on a Wednesday in late July or early August, and Senior and Open events are held on a Saturday or Sunday or both following the Wednesday scheduled for Juniors, subject to change depending on host club’s schedule.

4. Classes
The following seven classes are recognized by the LBIYRA for interclub competitions:

• Laser 4.7 - Skipper may not be 19 or older during the calendar year.
• Laser Radial - Skipper may not be 19 or older during the calendar year.
• Sunfish - Skipper may not be 19 or older during the calendar year. Crews are optional and may not be 15 during the calendar year.
• C420- Skipper and crew may not be 19 or older during the calendar year.
• Optimist Dinghy: In accordance with the USODA Class rules (6.2,a,b), the fleet shall be divided into three groups according to ages of the competitors on the day of the first interclub regatta, as set forth in Article 7 (B) below. The fleet divisions shall be determined as follows:
• White Fleet - 10 years old or younger.
• Blue Fleet - 11 or 12 years old.
• Red Fleet - 13 years old or older and shall not have reached their
• 16th birthday in the current calendar year.
• Full Rig Lasers: May sail and will have an opportunity to win flags during interclub races when 3 or more boats compete, but will not be scored for the team championship. Skipper may not be 19 or older during the calendar year. 

5. Entries

A. Eligibility
All participants must be a member of an LBIYRA member club or be enrolled in the junior sailing program of a member club and meet the age requirements set forth above.

For the purposes of season scoring, each skipper must declare at registration of the first race sailed in any class of boat what club they represent. For each class of boat registration the skipper may only represent one yacht club and may not change their yacht club affiliation. This rule pertains to skippers who may be affiliated with more than one club. For double-handed boats, the skipper's affiliation shall determine what yacht club is represented. For double-handed boats, crew substitutions are permitted with the approval of the designated LBIYRA representative. Also, for double-handed boats, “co-skippers” are permitted provided both are from the same club and a “declared team” at the beginning of the series (i.e., a substitute crew may not co-skipper).
B. Weekly Interclubs
Each club may enter an unlimited number of contestants in each class provided they meet the eligibility requirements above.
C. LBIYRA Race Week Eligibility Definitions
Open: Any age may compete.
Senior: Skipper must be at least 19 during the calendar year.
Junior: Meet the age requirements outlined in Paragraph 4.
D. General
The participant’s birth dates are required on registration forms. A list of participants should be posted as soon as possible at each event.

6. Entrance Fee
The entry fee for each interclub regatta shall be $10.00 per sailor and is not refundable in the event of cancellation of the interclub regatta by the Race Committee. This is intended to cover the cost of providing lunch for all contestants, instructors, Race Committee, and patrol members. All others, such as spectators and parents, may be charged a nominal amount for food. The host club retains these fees.
7. Race Management

A. General
It is the intention of the LBIYRA that the host clubs treat each Weekly Interclub and the LBIYRA Race Week as a “major club regatta” and provide the appropriate Race Committee, patrol boats and shore support as required. It is expected that the member clubs will assist each other in fulfilling these requirements. The Race Committee shall not consist of any sailing instructors except in “emergency” situations. It is the intention of the LBIYRA to keep the participants as informed as possible regarding scoring at each event. The host club will provide their own scorers. LBIYRA will provide the computer and scoring program, along with general instruction to host scorers if needed.  Scorers will post the list of participants as soon as possible, and post the finishes for races as soon as available. In particular, pre- lunch race results should be posted during lunch, where possible. This will provide officials and participants more opportunity to recognize any scoring or registration errors and time to correct them prior to the end of the day.
B. Schedule
The LBIYRA regatta schedule is established as follows:

  • Every Wednesday counting nine weeks back from Labor Day.

  • The skippers meeting will be held at 9:30 a.m. The start of the first race should be scheduled for as close to 10:00 a.m. as possible. 

  • There shall be a maximum of five races per day; however one race will constitute a series. No race shall be started after 3:00 p.m.

  • The Race Committee will do its best to hold at least one race on the day scheduled.

C. Starts
Races shall be started in accordance with RRS 26 (5-4-1-Go) or Appendix Q (Sound Signal Starting System 3 Minute Dinghy Start). The details of the starting sequence shall be explained at the Skipper’s Meeting. (LBIYRA recommends the starting sequence be identified at each skippers meeting.)
D. Courses
A minimum of two courses shall be required, unless otherwise pre approved by LBIYRA executive committee as defined in the bylaws. Laser 4.7s, Laser Radials, Sunfish, and C420s may race together on one course. Optimist Dinghies must sail on a separate course. Additional courses may be utilized as room and resources dictate. 
E. Alternate Penalty
RRS rules 44.1 and 44.2 shall be in effect for all races.
F. Sail Numbers
All participants are encouraged to register their boats with their respective class associations and display proper sail numbers. As a minimum, however, each sail shall display a number of contrasting colors on each side. Each number shall be at least six inches high and one inch wide. In the case of duplicate numbers, the first to register may use the number; duplications must affix the letter X next to the number. Boats not adhering to these requirements may be scored DNC.
G. Coaching
Coaching by sailing instructors will be permitted and encouraged prior to the preparatory signal for each race. Absolutely no coaching is permitted during a race by either sailing instructors or parents, with the following exception. During weekly interclubs, instructors, after receiving permission from the Race Committee, may coach competitors who are significantly behind. Infractions of this rule will result in disqualification of the illegally coached participant.
H. Designated Finishes
The race committee shall have the right to assign finishing positions, as it deems necessary, in order to facilitate the start of the next race.

8. Safety

A. Life Jackets
Life jackets (USCG Approved) shall be worn at all times by all participants. A boat whose skipper and/or crew do not conform to this requirement will be disqualified. The LBIYRA endorses the U.S. Sailing Association policy that instructors shall wear life jackets properly at all times while on the water. Instructors/Coaches must wear PFDs. Violation of such will be reported to their respective club and if there is a repeat offense then at the subsequent interclub the sailors from that club will not be scored.
B. Postponements/Abandonments
Races postponed or abandoned due to extreme or threatening weather conditions are at the sole discretion of the Race Committee. They should, however, be very conservative in making this decision and carefully consider the sailors’ abilities, as well as the availability of qualified rescue boats. Weekly interclubs shall not be rescheduled.

9. Protests
The intention to protest must be signified by a loud hail of the word “Protest” to the offending boat. Displaying a protest flag is not required but the Race Committee must be notified at the finish line of the intent to file a protest. Protests should be written and filed within 1/2 hour of the Race Committee docking. The LBIYRA Representative for the event shall coordinate the formation of the Protest Committee
10. Scoring

A. General
Low Point Scoring System, RRS Rule A4, will be utilized for all Junior Interclub Series events and LBIYRA Race Week. Optimist fleet scoring will be based on overall scores in accordance with the prescriptions of the USODA. (Appendix A9 does not apply)
B. Junior Interclub Series Season Scoring
The LBIYRA will recognize both individual and club (team) accomplishments for the season based on the following prescriptions:

1. Individual Scoring
For the purpose of determining the final season standings in each class, the following system will be used:
Each individual will count their four (4) best overall scores from seven possible events: the six (6) weekly Junior Interclub Series events and Race Week (If only six of these races are held, the best four still count, and if only five of these races are held, then the best three finishes will count). DNC scores shall not be counted in season scoring and a sailor must compete in four (or in certain circumstances three) events to qualify for season scoring. These four placements are added to determine the individual’s score for the season. Any ties will be broken in favor of the individual with the most first place placements, then most seconds, etc. The full description and method of breaking ties shall follow RRS A8 Series Ties. For the Optimist Dinghy, overall placements will be utilized, not placements within each fleet (Red, Blue, White).
2. Club Scoring - Class Championship
For the purpose of determining the Club Champion in each class, the following system will be used:
The final season position for the top three (3) finishers (except for Optimist Red Fleet top two finishers) from each club will be added to determine the club’s score for that class. Any ties will be broken in favor of the club with highest individual finisher.
Only competitors scored pursuant to Article 10 (B) 1 above will be scored for the Class Championship. Accordingly, no DNC scores will be included. Any team without at least three finishers per Article 10 (B) 1 (except Optimist Red, which shall require at least two finishers) shall not be eligible for the Class Championship. If no club qualifies in a fleet, then for that fleet no Class Championship will be awarded.
3. Club Scoring LBIYRA Interclub Championship “Jack Elfman” Award
For the purposes of determining the overall Interclub Champion for the season, the following system will be used:
Each club’s four (4) best class placements as determined in accordance with Article 10 (B) 2 above will be added to determine the final overall club score. A club must qualify in a minimum of four Class Championships. Any ties will be broken in favor of the club with the most first place class placements, and so on. If a tie still remains it shall stand. If no club meets these qualifications for the “Jack Elfman” Award, then the championship shall not be awarded.

11. Trophies

A. Junior Interclub Series - Weekly
Triangular trophy flags will be awarded to the top five individual finishers in each class. Trophies are provided by the LBIYRA.
B. Junior Interclub Series - Season

1. Trophies will be awarded to the top five individual finishers in each class (skippers and crew).
2. One large rectangular blue flag and the LBIYRA perpetual trophy (dagger boards, paddles, etc.) will be awarded to the club winning each fleet.
3. One large rectangular blue flag and the LBIYRA Perpetual Trophy “Jack Elfman” Award will be awarded to the club winning the overall LBIYRA Interclub Championship.

C. LBIYRA Race Week

1. Small rectangular trophy flags will be awarded to the top five individual finishers for juniors and top three individual finishers for seniors in each class. 

2. LBIYRA perpetual trophies will be awarded for each class.

3. Perpetual trophies shall be available to the LBIYRA Trophy Committee by July 1st of each year.

D. Colors for Flags Are According To Place

1st - Blue
2nd - Red
3rd - White
4th - Green
5th - Yellow

E. Faye Bennet Award

Faye Bennet felt the LBIYRA was a training ground for good sailing skills and the basis of a life-long love of the sport. In her memory, this award will be given to a LBIYRA junior sailor who has met the following basic criteria, and has achieved significant accomplishments in the sport of sailing over the prior year.

1. The sailor will be a member of a LBIYRA Club and participate in at least one interclub, although he/she is not required to attend them all.
2. The sailor will have sailed in an event sponsored by U.S. Sailing to honor Faye Bennet’s commitment to the national organization.
3. The sailor should demonstrate enthusiasm for sailing that stretches beyond Long Beach Island.

Sailors can be nominated from each club by their LBIYRA Representative. A committee consisting of at least three LBIYRA Representatives will determine the winner after considering the criteria above. The sailor receiving the Faye Bennet Award will receive a plaque and his/her name will be placed on a perpetual wall plaque that will be prominently displayed at Spray Beach Yacht Club.




The name of this organization shall be the Long Beach Island Yacht Racing Association. 

The purpose of the Association shall be

  1. To encourage and to promote competition among sailors of member clubs.

  2. To encourage and to promote the entry of crews from member clubs in Championship events sponsored by the United States Sailing Association.

  3. To coordinate the organizing and scheduling of inter-club regattas and inter-fleet events.


Membership in the Long Beach Island Yacht Racing Association shall consist of the following charter member clubs: 

•    Barnegat Light Yacht Club  

•    Brant Beach Yacht Club  

•    Little Egg Harbor Yacht Club  

•    Spray Beach Yacht Club  

•    Surf City Yacht Club

and any additional recognized clubs as shall be acceptable upon making application to the Association. Haven Beach Association (included 1990) Brigantine Yacht Club (included 1995)

The officers of this Association shall consist of

•    Commodore
•    Vice Commodore
•    Rear Commodore
•    Treasurer
•    Secretary

The above named officers plus the two most immediate Past Commodores willing to serve and not holding other office in the Association shall comprise the Executive Committee


Section 1: Commodore
The Commodore shall preside at all General Meetings of the Association. In the event of a tie ballot at any general meeting he/she shall cast the deciding vote, and shall perform such other duties as may be needed. The Commodore shall appoint a liaison representative to such other organizations as is deemed advisable.
Section 2: Vice Commodore
In the absence of the Commodore, the Vice Commodore shall assume the duties of the Commodore.
Section 3: Rear Commodore
In the absence of the Vice Commodore, the Rear Commodore shall assume the duties of the Vice Commodore.
Section 4: Secretary
The Secretary shall keep a true record of the proceedings at all General Meetings and all sessions of the Executive Committee on books provided for the purpose, and shall keep a correct roil of all clubs which are members in good standing and of each club's representatives to the Association. He/she shall keep an up-to-date schedule of all inter-club and inter-fleet events to be between or amongst member clubs, such schedule to serve as a clearing house for information in order to avoid conflicting dates. The Secretary shall keep a record of all Championship and Race Week racing for Juniors and Seniors
Section 5: Treasurer
The Treasurer shall collect and receive all moneys and deposit same in the name of the Association in such financial institutions as shall be approved by the Executive Committee. He/she shall pay all duly authorized bills contracted by the Association and shall keep an accurate statement of account in a book provided for the purpose He/she shall make reports of all receipts and expenditures in a manner as may be required from time to time by the Association

A nominating committee shall be appointed by the Commodore and shall consist of three persons from amongst the member club delegates They shall be appointed no later than July 1 The Nominating Committee shall present a slate to be voted upon at the Annual Meeting Each member club in good standing shall be entitled to cast one ballot

All officers shall hold office from their time of their election at the Annual Meeting until the election of their successors at the next Annual Meeting


Section 1. The Association shall meet shortly after Labor Day to make general plans for the Association schedule of events for the following year An Agenda shall be prepared for that meeting and a copy of this agenda, including all questions to be voted upon at the meeting and proposed amendments to the Constitution, if any, shall be sent to the member clubs' representatives not less than thirty days prior to the Annual Meeting. Any matter of importance which any member club desires to have placed on the agenda may be submitted to the Secretary at, any time prior to, this meeting (Passed 17 February 1985)
Section 2. The Annual Meeting shall be held on a day in October each year, at a time and place to be designated by the Commodore (Passed 17 February 1985)
Section 3. Any member of any club in good standing shall be entitled to attend the Annual Meeting and take part in the discussions. Each member club in good standing shall be entitled to cast one ballot on any matter to be voted upon.
Section 4. The Commodore shall have the privilege of calling a special meeting of the Executive Committee or Association at any time he/she should deem such action to be necessary, provided all members of the Committee receive adequate notice of such meeting
Section 5. Any three member clubs in good standing upon petition to the Commodore, shall have the privilege of calling a Special General Meeting, providing thirty days notice of such meeting and of the matters to be discussed and/or voted upon is given to each club's representative

The order of business at all meetings shall be:

1.    Call to order (presence of quorum).

2.    Reading of minutes of previous meeting.

3.    Reports of officers.

4.    Reports of committees.

5.    Election (Annual Meeting).

6.    Unfinished business.

7.    New business.

8.    Adjournment.  

The order of business at special meetings shall be:

1. Call to order (presence of quorum).
2. Special business.
3. Adjournment  

A quorum at meetings, either of the Executive Committee or General Meetings shall consist of four of the charter member club's delegates plus either the Commodore or Vice Commodore. Absentee members shall have the privilege of voting by mail on questions submitted to them in writing, but members so voting shall not be counted for the purpose of constituting a quorum.

Each member club shall be entitled to have three delegates to the Association Delegates will each receive, at least ten calendar days prior to any General Meeting, a copy of the agenda for that meeting. One delegate from each club, in a manner to be determined by each club, will cast his/her club's ballot at the meeting. The delegation will receive copies of all minutes, notices, and other important communications from the Association and will be responsible for the dissemination of the information in its own club.

The Association shall set the amount of dues each member club shall pay to the Association by July 1 These moneys shall be used to pay expenses incurred by the Association.


Section 1. A member club which is in arrears for dues shall not be considered a member in good standing and shall not be entitled to vote
Section 2. Membership of any club may be forfeited either by voluntary withdrawal, by non-payment of dues before the next Annual Meeting, or by two-thirds vote of all other member clubs in good standing.

Amendments to the By-Laws may be made at any General Meeting of the Association by a two-thirds vote of all member clubs in good standing

The fiscal year of the Association shall coincide with the calendar year.